Mimaki – LH100 UV
2 February 2018
Mimaki – CG-FXII Series
2 February 2018
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Mimaki – CFL-605RT

  • 630mm x 530mm
  • Cutting area: 610mm x 510mm
  • Max.cutting speed: XY:423MM/S (45’angle direction) Z:30mm/s
  • Max.downforce pressure: Eccentric cutter: 1,000g / Tangential cutter and Creasing roller:1,500g
  • thickness: Reciprocating cutter: 10mm / Tangential cutter:2mm
  • weight: 20kg (This is not one-point-load-strength)
  • Power specification: Single phase AC100-120V / 200-240V , 50/60Hz
  • Compact & multi cutting
    Optimum materials for a reciprocating cutter
    Optimum materials for a tangential cutter
  • Accurate cutting by reading register marks
  • Various tool combination to meet a range of work demands
  • Vacuum sucttion system reduces lifting of material during operation


View Product Brochure (PDF)

View Product Brochure (PDF)